Day 1 on the French route 2019

This quote sums up the day and …life.
It was a day of mixed emotions: the joy and timelessness of being on the Camino on a brisk sunny morning combined with the pain and horror of coming upon a scene of a backpack laying in the road and the pavement stained in blood. A pilgrim made the fatal decision of stepping off the sidewalk on a quiet country road.
Later in the day i was looking forward to hearing some wisdom from Dave-you can read about him in my blog post…/my-best-self-is-more-like…/ Upon arriving at the free store oasis we find out that Dave has disappeared. No Dave. Just an uninterested man smoking and all Dave’s energy-gone. Just like pilgrim we saw in the ambulance. So yes, la presencia is all we have in this precarious emphemeral magical life.

I miss Dave.

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