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Day 1 on the French route 2019

This quote sums up the day and …life. It was a day of mixed emotions: the joy and timelessness of being on the Camino on a brisk sunny morning combined with the pain and horror of coming upon a scene of a backpack laying in the road and the pavement stained in blood. A pilgrim […]

The Pleasure/Happiness Conundrum

A guy is talking to his doctor about his health and he asks the doctor if he thinks he will live until he is 80. The doctor asks, “Do you drink?” “No” “Do you smoke?” “No” “Do you eat red meat?” “No” The doctor stops and asks him, “Then, why do you want to live […]

My best self is more like Dave

Dave lives on the Camino and has for almost 10 years. He lives outside of Astorga with no water or electricity and few modern conveniences. He lives off the donations of pilgrims and in turn provides weary travelers with just about anything they might need. With the donated cash from pilgrims and food from locals […]

My Best Self-part 1

I was listening to the podcaster Tim Ferriss interview Scott Belsky today when they got on the topic of their “Best Self”. Scott mentioned that when things were going badly his confidence would wane and if things were going too well his ego would become an issue. It got me wondering when or where is […]