About your Camino Bike Guide
Paul Wild

Hi, I am Paul Wild, your trip planner and guide. Spanish culture and biking are two passions in my life.  Biking the Camino gives me the opportunity to combine and share two of my favorite things.

I’ve traveled in Spain for more than 35 years. For over 20 years I’ve led student trips to Spain as a Spanish Immersion teacher.

I will help you navigate the Camino. Depending on your riding ability I will advise you when it’s best to take the road and when it’s best to take the path. I know the good restaurants, the regional delicacies and the best wines.  I also know the cultural curiosities and the required stops along the way.

I have logged over 60,000 miles on bikes and have done all types of touring. I offer a unique combination of biking and cultural knowledge. I also know what’s necessary to lead a group of cyclists and am sensitive to individuals’ needs and group dynamics.

The Camino de Santiago is a magical journey and I look forward to being your trip planner and guide.

What else? I coach soccer and nordic ski. I have a PhD in educational policy. I enjoy cooking, reading and podcasts related to philosophy, economics, and social psychology.

Camino Bike Guide for the Camino de Santiago

Camino Bike Guide for the Camino de Santiago

Minnesota, United States   |    |  paul@caminobikeguide.com