Trip Planning and Guide Service For Biking the French Route and Portuguese Coastal route

Camino Bike Guide for the Camino de Santiago

"Thanks for the inspiration and vision that led to an incredible and epic journey of a lifetime...precious, priceless memories." Michele C

Have you dreamed about biking the Camino de Santiago but don't know where to start?  You have come to the right place. As your Camino Bike Guide, trip planning and guide service are what I offer. I have two trips on offer: the French route and Portuguese coastal route. I can help you figure out which one is best for you. I take care of the planning, orientation, packing lists, logistics, accommodations, insurance, translation, and of course the bikes. Your job is to enjoy the ride!

ABOUT YOUR CAMINO BIKE GUIDE: Paul Wild has traveled in Spain for more than 35 years. He is an avid cyclist who has logged more than 60,000 miles and has done all types of touring.