Camino Bike Guide Trips

The Camino Bike Guide has guided tours for up to 8 people. Single people, couples, and small groups are welcome. ​

Portuguese Coast

Porto to Santiago
5 days biking-6 nights hotel

The trip from Porto is 170 miles and averages 1900 ft of climbing per day. Days 1,2,4,5 average 37 miles per day. Day 3 is a short day of 20 miles that includes a visit to a historic castle turned parador. Other highlights include a Port wine tour, Atlantic Ocean beaches, swimming pools, a visit to a museum of early human history and, of course, Spanish lessons. Expect 5-7 hours of cycling with all kinds of terrain. There are 5 days of biking and 6 nights hotel. Cost is $3000. Single occupancy $200 extra.  Contact us for dates.

French Route

Leon to Santiago
6 days biking-7 nights hotel

The trip from Leon is 200 miles averaging 33 miles a day. It averages over 2700 feet of climbing per day. Highlights include a visit to a castle, a medieval restaurant, a swimming pool, a stay in a historic hotel and, of course, Spanish lessons. Expect 5-7 hours of cycling a day with stops. Level of difficulty is semi-challenging. There are 6 days of biking and 7 nights hotel. Cost is $3300. Single occupancy $200 extra. Contact us for dates.

Custom Trip

Have an idea for a trip? We can dial up the intensity if that is what you are looking for. Contact me!

How It Works

We meet at our hotel in Porto or in Leon the day before we start the ride. The ride begins the next day and we arrive in Santiago after 5 days of biking from Porto or 6 days of biking from Leon.  We stay the night in Santiago and then you are free to explore Santiago the next day or take off on a new adventure. 

Camino Bike Tours

Non-refundable down payment of $400. Contact us for availability.