Trip Planning and Guide Service For Biking the Camino de Santiago

Pay balance of $2000

Camino Bike Guide for the Camino de Santiago

Non-refundable down payment for June 2018-$300. Contact me for availability.

Camino Bike guide Trips

Camino Bike Guide travel planner and guide service has trips for up to 8 people. Single people, couples, and small groups are welcome.

2018-Trip 1 Leon to Santiago June 17-June 23

2018-Trip 2 Leon to Santiago June 24-June 30

2019-Trip 1Leon to Santiago June 10-June 16

2019-Trip 2Leon to Santiago June 17-June 23

2019-Trip 3-Custom trip for a group of 4 or more June 25- Use your imagination:we could do a longer trip on the French route or how about the Portuguese coastal route from Porto?

The trip from Leon is 200 miles averaging 33 miles a day. The average elevation is 2220 feet. Expect 5-7 hours of cycling a day with stops. Level of difficulty is semi-challenging. There are 6 days of biking and 7 nights hotel.

Cost is $2300. Single occupancy $200 extra

How it works: We meet at our hotel in Leon on Saturday, June 16 or June 23-the day before we start the ride. The ride begins on Sunday and continues for 6 days arriving in Santiago on the following Friday. Hopefully, we arrive by noon to the ringing of the bells in the Cathedral! We stay the night in Santiago and the trip concludes on Saturday.