Trip Planning and Guide Service For Biking the French Route and Portuguese Coastal route

"I took on the challenge of riding the Camino for a few reasons.  First, I love international travel – especially Europe – and Spain was unchecked on my bucket list.  Second, I needed to put a scary goal out there for myself to regain a level of physical fitness that had slipped away over the last few years.  Given that (a) I like to bike, (b) there was a great group of people already committed to the trip, and (c) Paul was on point for all of the logistical planning this was an instant “no-brainer” for me.
Looking back, this trip delivered immeasurably more than I bargained for.  The scenery of the countryside, the mountain vistas, and the villages was a series of stunning postcard moments.  The Spanish culture, history, and cuisine were an absolutely delightful and overwhelming assault on the senses.  The physical challenge?  Honestly, the ride was more difficult than I imagined and stretched my 56 year old body to the limit of its ability.  But that only served to make its completion all the more satisfying.
But more than all of that:  because Paul was the planner, guide, and Spanish interpreter (which goes well beyond just language) – and so much more – I was able to be fully “present” for every spontaneous, serendipitous, priceless moment the Camino had to offer.  This enabled an experience that was more deep, rich, and life changing than could have been possible without Paul’s leadership.  Thanks to you, Paul, the spirit of the Camino will be in my heart for the rest of my days!"

 Mike B

"Biking the Camino de Santiago was truly the trip of a lifetime and the experience was made possible thanks to Paul's careful planning and incredible knowledge. Every detail was expertly planned and executed: securing our high-quality bikes, panniers and equipment, preparing a meticulous packing guide, providing language and culture information, as well as mapping and navigating a thoughtful itinerary. 
This was one of the most challenging things I have done in my life and therefore one of the most rewarding. It changed my perception of what I thought I was capable of. For his knowledge, guidance, patience and encouragement I am deeply grateful to Paul. I simply couldn't have done it without his support. 
Biking through small, ancient villages, breathtaking vistas, following a sacred path that has been traveled by spiritual seekers since the 9th century is impossible to put into words - it must be experienced! Buen Camino!"
Janet B. 

"It was my great pleasure to be Paul Wild’s first paying customer – Biking the Camino.  Even on the first “professional “run it was clear Paul knew the Camino, the language and the culture well.  His knowledge combined with his easy-going nature and his conversational skills (covering a wide breadth of subjects) make him not only an excellent guide but a fun companion as well.  His plans were well organized yet flexible; the overnight stops were in diverse spots which were comfortable while providing the feel of real peregrino experience (without snoring of a shared albergue!).
If you’re reading this, you no doubt have some fascination with El Camino de Santiago – this bicigrino (bicycle peregrino) would encourage you to scratch that itch.  The Camino, like Paul, won’t disappoint.  The mountain top panoramas, the quaint and grand plazas, the bucolic views of rolling farms lands, the deservedly famous Spanish hospitality and cuisine, the sense of shared history and spiritual consciousness along the pilgrimage make it, after half a dozen European bike trips, a singular experience. Buen Camino!" Sam L

"Biking the Camino with friends was the trip of a lifetime! Under Paul's thoughtful guidance every detail was anticipated. He paid special attention to our group's biking abilities and checked in frequently about minor adjustments to the agenda. His knowledge of Spanish language, culture and the Camino allowed me to fully relax and surrender to the whole experience knowing he was handling the routes, accommodations and our food needs. Traveling the Camino with Paul is the best way to go!" Kelly S

"My trip on the Camino led by Paul Wild was one of the best adventures of my life!  He started by preparing us for the trip months in advance. As a fluent Spanish speaker and expert at leading trips to Spain over the past 20 years, Paul was so well organized that everything during the adventure was frictionless for us -- bikes, hotels, food, luggage, etc.  We experienced spectacular scenery, dozens of charming villages, and evenings sipping wine and beer at local cafes.  I recommend a trip on the Camino with Paul to anyone who wants a well-supported biking tour on a route that has been one of the most preeminent pilgrimages in the world for centuries." Mike S.

"Thanks for the inspiration and vision followed by a year of work that led to an incredible and epic journey of a lifetime...precious, priceless memories to last a lifetime." Michele C

Paella on the Plaza Mayor in Astorga, a 17-kilometer descent down a shining mountain road into Molinaseca, bursting out laughing in a storm above Triacastela, wine and pasta with old friends in Portomarin, beating the hills on the long trek to Arzua, emerging into the cathedral square in Santiago—these are just a few of the things I’ll never forget about the Camino.  Paul was an outstanding guide:  on top of all the details yet easygoing and unflappable.  From the start of my training to the last day of the trip, I went from being out of shape to dropping 13 pounds and feeling 25 again.  I’d say it was a once-in-a-lifetime trip but I can’t wait to go back.  Thanks, Paul, and all my bicigrino amigos for the comradery.  To anyone thinking of giving it a try:  do it!  Buen Camino!  Jeff S.

If you want a memorable, beautiful and sometimes challenging adventure biking the Camino is a great choice. The Camino de Santiago is an ancient route across northern Spain. It is sprinkled with albergues and charming cafes. The farmlands of Castillo and Leon change to the green hills of Asturias and Galicia. You will arrive in Santiago tired but with a good feeling of accomplishment. 

Paul picks good hotels in even the smallest villages. No need to worry about crowded Camino hostels. The Camino is well supported. If you want a day or a few hours off from riding there are taxis for a few extra Euros. Paul supplies the best bikes for the trip. Being strictly a road biker, I was concerned about 10 days of mountain biking, but not to worry, they are the best with low gearing and set up to carry your stuff.

Paul is a great leader with patience being one of his strong suits. He speaks fluent Spanish so no worries about being misunderstood or not finding what you need. 

My trip with Camino Bike Guide was unforgettable. Paul and I have become friends and he continues to help me with my Spanish. That certainly wasn't my last trip to Spain. Margaret Z.

"High plains sierra and lush mountain vistas, soaring cathedrals and small town cafes, paella and cafe con leche, the easy grace of the Spanish people and their language.  These are the sights and sounds, the tastes and smells of the Camino.  Let Paul manage the logistics, handle the details, and let him be your translator and facilitator on this rich, sensory laden ride steeped in culture and history. Whether you are seeking absolution, a cultural immersion, or simply an active vacation, if you embrace "The Way", it will touch you, and embrace you in return.  That connection remains, as long as you allow it, and you realize The Camino with Paul has been the journey of a lifetime. I cannot recommend Paul as a guide, or this ride, highly enough." Peyton C.

"Biking the Camino de Santiago was truly the experience of a lifetime. Paul’s planning and attention to every detail before the trip played a huge part in my ability to let go and allow the magic to happen. On the trail and in each of the dozens of picturesque towns and villages along the camino Paul anticipated my every need and this, in particular, made the trip a huge success! Paul's intimate knowledge of Spain, the language, the regions we visited and the food as well as his practical knowledge of biking, bike repair and the terrain was essential to feeling successful and triumphant." Emme C.

Thanks for the great bike ride and seeing us through to the end. Paul's patience is amazing. Paul is a great leader with the perfect personality for it-patient and laid back. Having bikes with such low gears and keeping a slower touring pace made this trip very doable for me. Bonnie S.

Camino Bike Guide for the Camino de Santiago

Didn't have time to train for the trip, which proved not to be a problem given my medium level of cycle experience and fitness was just the right balance of riding, site seeing, and recovery time with plenty of flexibility to go at your own pace.  Paul is a terrific guide that also helped maintain the right amount of group coordination with the space to do your own thing.  And the equipment and technical support were first rate...we had no issues.  The scenery is pretty incredible.  I especially enjoyed the diversity and contrasts between bustling Spanish cities, to verdant countryside with rolling hills, to vineyards, to sleepy pueblos with roman walls and bridges.  Mixing it up with other pilgrams we met along the way over the local delicacies and wines was the perfect end to those memorable riding days.  Great trip that I would highly recommend. Scott S.